After several hours of research, we have established our selection of the 6 best touch tablets among thirty models currently available on the market.

According to us, the first place, at the level of the best quality/price ratio belongs to the iPad 2018. Beautiful, responsive and perfectly readable, this table shows the full extent of its potential through its performance and interface.

How did we choose?

If the craze for tablets was at its peak a few years ago, it is clear that since 2016, it decreases.

Suddenly, the market becomes less and less saturated with new releases, but each of them brings a lot of novelties.

The best cheap touch tablets

In this category, you will not find tablets with the best performance or the best screen.

The tablets we have selected here offer the essentials at a low price (without sacrificing quality) with storage capacity, certainly small, but expandable.

1. Amazon Fire HD 8 (2018): The Best cheap Step

Initially, Amazon launched the Fire to offer the general public a small touch tablet.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Specs:

 The Fire HD 8 has a small format with dimensions of 21.4 x 12.8 x 0.97 cm, the weight of 363 g and With its 8 “screen

The design is simple and designed with ease with a robust plastic shell. It is pleasant in hand, but the placement of the buttons at the top of it is not the most optimal.

The screen is responsive and bright. On the other hand, there is no anti-reflection filter, it hampers visibility. In addition, its HD resolution of 1280 x 800 px is a little outdated at a time when Full HD is the most used on the market.

Again, we are facing a tablet with a storage capacity of 16 or 32 GB. Both versions include a MicroSD slot that can expand the memory up to 400 GB.

Both run with a 1.5 GB RAM. If it’s convenient to avoid overheating and for basic tasks, it’s still not enough for multitasking or more intensive gaming.

The audio is correct but it lacks power, as the autonomy that requires a recharge every 2 days (for use of 2-3 hours per day). Note that the battery is fully charged in 3 hours of time.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Review :

Regarding photo quality, the result is mediocre: it shows little detail and requires a fairly high brightness. Even if Amazon tries to improve this point, there is still work.

Its Fire OS interface offers you a page dedicated to the applications only available on Amazon and which is therefore strongly limited in the choices. There is also a page on Kindle and a referral on Prime Video.

In the end, this tablet is intended for office use (reading mail, surfing the Internet, watching some videos, etc.), or those who have a really limited budget. Amazon is renowned for its quality products and durable over time, but we must accept all the constraints that they generate.


2. Lenovo Tab 4:

The Cheap Alternative

Lenovo presents through its tablet Tab 4 a model designed for home and family use.

Lenovo Tab 4 Spec:

It comes in classic dimensions (17 x 24.7 x 0.84 cm) with an average weight (505 g). Its screen measures 10 ”.

With its fine edges are added beautiful finishes and a non-slip coating pleasant to the touch. These elements make somewhat forget its plastic construction. The placement of the buttons is convenient since they are located on the left of the screen (placed horizontally).

This tablet has an HD resolution (1280 x 800 px). Its IPS panel does not resist the glare of light. The contrast ratio is correct but no more, while the colorimetry is not exceptional with an average delta E of 5.4.

The presence of a MicroSD port makes its memory expandable, which is interesting when you know that its storage capacity is limited to 16 GB. Regarding the connection, you get a USB-C port.

Performance side, it includes 2 GB of Ram. If users do not observe overheating, it is slow at startup and there is a poor fluidity with more demanding games that slow down the processor. For satisfactory responsiveness, it is better to stay in basic tasks such as consulting emails, surfing the net, etc.).

As for the sound, it goes through two convincing speakers for its price. The same can not be said for photos that lack detail and need to be taken under high light. The selfies often blurry reflect this poor quality of clichés.

Lenovo Tab 4 Reviews:

Its autonomy is the best presented in this comparison. It takes more than 20 hours and its standby mode is useful in case of non-use to make the most of its Android operating system, one of the most complete on the market.

In the end, the Lenovo Tab 4 is intuitive and offers a certain comfort of use for its price. With expandable memory, a convincing sound and a formidable autonomy, we were seduced by its value for money. Too bad that its screen is perfectible, its performance is limited and its photo quality is one of the worst-performing on the market.

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Initially, Amazon launched the Fire to offer the general public a small touch tablet.

The Best Mid-Range Touch Tablets

It’s around $ 437 that we usually find the models that hold the best road and it is also where we often notice the best quality/price ratio of the market.

It is Apple who has the hand on this range, with fairly recent models that show serious technological progress. These tablets are not perfect in all areas, but their performance paves the way for extremely versatile tools.

3. iPad 2018 the best mid-range

If Apple has always dominated the tablet market, its competitors had worked hard to catch up with the giant green apple. But with this model of 2018, it retains its place of the world leader in the matter.

iPad 2018 Spec

The iPad 2018 offers this time a large screen (9.7 “). If it is a large model (16.95 x 24 x 0.75 cm), it is nonetheless light (469 g). His grip is so comfortable.

IPads are known for their sleek design, solid construction, and perfect ergonomics. We note however that the fingerprint reader is slower than the iPhone, but also that the screen is compatible with the Apple Pencil.

iPad 2018 Review

This tablet retains a very responsive screen, with perfect colorimetry, promising optimal readability. If the brightness is a little less than in the 2017 version, the contrast is slightly improved. The reflections of the sun are banned by its coating, making it usable outside.

In terms of storage capacity, the manufacturer offers two versions: 32 GB and 128 GB. Not surprisingly, Apple does not propose to expand the memory via MicroSD. Therefore, if you want more flexibility, it is more interesting to go to the second version.

The RAM is 2 GB of RAM and the software has been optimized to run most of the games available on iOS, except the newer and more greedy. Again, no heating is observed even with intensive use.

There is not much to blame on the sound level since the audio quality is impeccable, both on headphones and speakers.

On the other hand, the photo quality remains perfectible since the clichés miss little details. It remains nevertheless passable.

Its autonomy allows holding about 2 days for 2 or 3 hours per day of use. Nevertheless, its standby mode helps preserve the battery.

Finally, its iOS 11.3 interface is intuitive and pleasant. It shines with its speed and ease of use.

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4. Ipad Mini 5

The mid-range alternative

With this model, Apple shows a willingness to facilitate the transport of this Ipad, which succeeds the Mini 4.

Ipad Mini 5 Spec

Its small dimensions (13.48 x 20.32 x 0.61 cm) and its weight (308 g) keep its promises since we note that it is not only light but also pleasant in hand.

In terms of design, the giant green apple is definitely not ready to change the look of these tablets that is very similar to the first models seen in 2012. It is not a borderless screen, d elsewhere the edges are quite thick.

The manufacturer has not yet switched to face recognition and continues to favor the Touch ID as the unlocking system. As for the port Lightning, it allows connecting the Apple Pencil 1 (and only that one!). This stylus is small, which does not facilitate its maneuverability.

This item embeds a 7.9 “IPS panel with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 px and benefits from an anti-reflective filter providing good visibility under the sun. The brightness is not bad but the contrast is perfectible. The colorimetry is perfectly balanced with a delta E at 1.8. However, you can see the fingerprints.

The manufacturer offers two versions: 64 or 256 GB but as with all Apple products, there is no microSD port to add a memory card.

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Ipad Mini 5 Review

The device is equipped with a Bionic A12 chip, which brings more power, graphics, and fluidity than the old model. So you get great performances in games, demonstrating all its versatility.

Both speakers are correct even if they lack a little power. A functional jack is used to connect an audio device to amplify your sounds.

As for the photos, they are satisfactory in broad daylight but do not expect to get beautiful shots in the dark. Only Selfies are doing well.

Side autonomy, we are also in the good with 10 hours average. For the operating system, it’s still iOS, as for the Ipad (2018). It is simple and intuitive, giving access to many applications.

In summary, small and light, the Ipad Mini 5 does not shine by its design or its photo quality in the night but by its performance in gaming, grip, the quality of its screen, and its autonomy.


The Best High-end Touch Tablets

In this price range, we find models that are either intended for intensive use (as a total replacement of a PC, for example) or professionally.

More and more, this market is invaded by tablets that tend to revolutionize the field, rethinking their screen quality, performance, and autonomy.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

The Best High-End

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Spec

Level design, it is very well cared for with a 10.5 ” screen and a back in glass and metal that shows a solid appearance. Its 482 g and its dimensions (0.73 x 16.43 x 24.93 cm) make it a fine model, elegant and light, which does not slip in hand.

Here, the impression sensor has given way to effective facial / iris recognition. The stylus provided has 4096 levels of pressure to please graphic designers.

The Tab S4 offers an extremely responsive 10.5 “Oled screen that occupies almost 80% of the surface. With its definition of 2560 x 1600 px, it allows a reading comfort in any field. Its contrast ratio and brightness are perfectly balanced compared to the previous model. On the other hand, its glossy slab is sensitive to the rays of the sun and it will be better to use it in the shade.

It consists of internal memory of 64 GB, but it is possible to extend it up to 400 GB thanks to the integrated MicroSD port. With 4 GB of RAM, it is one of the most fluid and responsive on the market, without generating overheating.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Review

The first disappointment comes at the level of audio: the wired mode does not offer a sound reproduction of the most faithful. The four speakers are correct as long as you do not exceed a certain limit. They also lack power.

Another downside is the photo quality is diminished, especially in low light, even if it remains correct compared to entry-level models.

Regarding autonomy, you can easily hold more than 2 days with recharge, and the charging time is only 2 hours.

Finally, the operating system of this model is Android 8.1 which works with Samsung Experience 9.5. and occupies up to 14 GB of space. You have a good number of applications.

In the end, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is presented as an excellent Android tablet, thanks to its screen (one of the best on the market), it’s a very powerful processor, and ergonomics flawless. With better audio and photo quality, it could dethrone Apple and take the first place in the market.


6. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

the high-end alternative

Since its release in late 2012, the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet series has struggled to find a place in the market. Mid-tablet, Mi-PC, she struggles to find her target audience.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Spec

This tablet with a screen size of 12.3 ” is quite heavy (just under 800 g) and imposing (29.2 x 20.1 x 0.85 cm).

Question design, it is well finished, made with aluminum and glass. The borders are wide, removing somewhat the modern aspect of the current models. Its unlocking system goes through facial recognition for added security.

Users receive a big disappointment about the lack of a kit supposed to combine a keyboard and a stylus, especially since these accessories are expensive to buy. Another regret is the lack of a USB-C port.

The screen takes a little less than 80% of the tablet’s area. It takes advantage of an IPS panel (2736 x 1824 px) brilliant with a much better brightness than its previous version, optimizing the visibility outside. The colorimetry is excellent with an average delta E of 3.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 comes with 8GB of Ram and a 128GB Intel Core i5 processor for good performance and exemplary fluidity, all in silence and without overheating. To enjoy an even more enjoyable experience, it also exists in version i7, 16 GB of Ram.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Review

The tablet is doing well in office and games but is a little short for some editing software or video too demanding. Therefore, for this purpose, we invite you to consult our article on graphic tablets.

The loudspeakers take care to faithfully reproduce a natural and balanced sound. This is less the case if you connect headphones or a sound system.

Compared to the 2017 model, autonomy has been worked to offer an average of 8:30 of resistance for office use.

Finally, the grip is intuitive despite the Windows 10 Pro interface. A bit heavy, the latter is less compatible with Linux.

Ultimately, this tablet works as a small laptop designed for the office. Its notable performances, its screen, and its autonomy represent its main assets to the detriment of practical software, good connectivity, and a complete kit, making him lose his first place in this price range.




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