The first major launch in the world of folding smartphones corresponded to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, presented with drums and cymbals during the Unfold event in early 2019.

The device uses an innovative hinge system so that it can be opened and closed like a book, changing the images or apps between the 4.6-inch exterior screen and the 7.3-inch tablet-type interior, with the ability to perform various tasks when Same time on the same screen.

However, after reports by journalists who had problems with the review units only days after use, in addition to continued delays and delays later, the emotion around him cooled a little. But the company does not give up and launched the device again, which will be reaching the hands of fans and curious – who want to pay almost $ 2,000 dollars for a phone – in several countries.

This is absolutely everything you should know about this folding phone, from its initial presentation, launch and price, controversies and problems, to the latest news.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Release Date

September 6, 2019

samsung galaxy fold release date

Official Release

The Galaxy Fold is finally available for sale in the United States, and Samsung announced that starting Friday, September 27, American consumers can “unfold the future.” The folding phone will be available in two versions: one at AT&T outlets and another unlocked at Best Buy. In addition,


Samsung Galaxy Fold available now and Its price will start at $ 1,980 dollars.

However, in the US, the 5G version of the Fold cannot be obtained, despite two other Samsung 5G phones for sale on the market, the Galaxy S10 5G and the Galaxy Note 10 5G. In addition, reports of damage to the screen in the new version of the phone could be a big factor in the decision to pay almost $ 2,000 for a device that could present more problems than advantages.

This news comes after the international landing of the model. Initially, it arrived for South Korean customers on September 6. The 18th was the turn for consumers in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, although 5G models only reached Germany and the United Kingdom. For Europe, the Galaxy Fold is priced at 2,000 euros, while the Galaxy Fold 5G is worth 2,100 euros. The launch of this new cell phone for the Spanish market will take place in mid-October.

Samsung says it has fixed device issues

It seems that the bad run of the Galaxy Fold is coming to an end. According to the company, the problems on the screen of your folding phone have been fixed and the device will be available very soon through several mobile operators.

The company has specified the following improvements:

  • The protective layer of the Infinity Flex Display, which has extended beyond the bezel, should not be removed.
  • The top and bottom of the hinge have been reinforced with new protective caps.
  • Additional metallic layers have been incorporated under the Infinity Flex Display, to reinforce its protection.
  • The space between the hinge and the body of the Galaxy Fold has been reduced.
  • Availability in select markets

Design, display, and specifications

The initial date announced for its launch was April 26, with a price starting at $ 1,980. In addition, this phone gets on the 5G technology boat, as it was said that there will be an LTE and 5G version.

For this new device, which will arrive in four different colors, Samsung incorporated its new Dynamic AMOLED Infinity Flex screen, which allows the deployed phone to have a screen the size of a tablet of 7.3 inches, with a resolution of 1,536 x 2,152 and a large multitasking capability on the same screen, in a way similar to the iPad Pro in a certain way. But unlike a regular tablet, it can be folded in two to be the size of a phone, and can be transported more easily and fits in a pocket

To make things more interesting, once the main screen is folded, you can still use the phone, as it has another smaller 4.6-inch screen (840 x 1,960) for the phone mode.

Samsung is using 512 GB of Universal Flash Storage 3.0 (eUFS) for fast speeds, along with a 7 nm processor and 12 GB of RAM. He has even built two batteries for his Galaxy Fold, which are separated by the fold but combined in the Android operating system. On the back of the device, there is a triple camera system, which will be used for tablet and phone modes, although there are three other cameras in different places of the device, so you can take photos regardless of the angle or setting in which you are using

samsung galaxy fold price in usa

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More Info

From what could be seen in the demonstration, the company has created a solid hinge system that has multiple interlocking gears. All these gears are hidden on the back of the device, and allow the Galaxy Fold to transform from tablet to phone, and that the tasks you are doing on one screen go smoothly to the next. For example, if you are looking for an address in phone mode, when you open it you will see an interactive map in tablet mode. Also, you can split the screen and enable up to three different applications at the same time, using an application continuity system to adjust these applications when you move between tablet and phone modes.

It was explained that several applications of regular use, such as WhatsApp, Microsoft Office, and YouTube, have been optimized for the new screen and the new modes of interaction, and Samsung has been working with Google to ensure that Android 9 Pie or Android 10 is fully compatible.

Samsung galaxy fold price in Pakistan

Samsung galaxy fold is not available in Pakistan yet. But it’s Price in Pakistan will be around Rs. 299,999.

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