The story of the successor to PlayStation 4 has finally become more concrete. The announcement of the next-generation PlayStation is near. May 21, 2019, New information on the next-generation machine was released on Sony IR Day.

Next PlayStation

PS5 latest information

PS5 has AI voice assistant function or “PlayStation Assistant”

Dutch Web media Techtastic reported that Sony has applied for a patent called “Online Help System with Artificial Intelligence”.

The name of this system is “PlayStation Assistant”, and since it is marked with “PlayStation”, it may be installed in the next-generation PlayStation. As for what this system is like when you ask a question such as “How can I go to XX?” Towards the microphone during gameplay, the question is sent to the server along with information such as the game status and the server asks the question Is parsed.

The server sends back an accurate answer to the question from data such as gameplay status. It is a system. It seems to be the same mechanism as Alexa of iPhone Siri and Amazon Echo.

If you are wearing a game console or VR headset, the help function with voice may be very convenient, because it is difficult to hit what you want to help with the keyboard.

Also, it would be interesting to use this function not only for help but also for conversations with characters in the game.

New PS5 concept video uploaded to YouTube

A new concept video for PlayStation 5 has been uploaded by Its contents are based on the V-shaped design in the drawings recently patented by SONY, and you can see that the entire surface is equipped with a display, USB and HDMI terminals, and a slot-loading disk. It seems that the display changes vertically and horizontally.

The controller is equipped with a display in the middle. The overall design is conscious of the “ V ” representing 5, but the PS5 specs are high specifications such as AMD Zen 2 8-core CPU, Navi based GPU, custom SSD, etc. The mechanism for doing this is well-designed. The concept design has been created in black and white colors.

This concept video is only an estimate, but it may not be so far from the final product design.

PS5 standby power consumption is 0.5W and superpower saving

At the “Climate Action Summit” held at the United Nations headquarters in New York in the United States, SONY announced that it would aim at 0.5W for standby power consumption of the next-generation PlayStation.

Why you might think PS5? At the “Climate Action Summit”, but PlayStation is so popular all over the world that the PS4 global cumulative sales reach 100 million. PS5 will be expected to spread equally or better.

Therefore, if energy saving is realized even with a few watts in one unit, the electricity will be reduced by 100 million times. Considering the global scale, it is said that it is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by tens of millions of tons.

However, the standby power 0.5W is quite low, and PS4 is said to be about 5W, so it is 1 / 10th. It is the same level as LCD TVs with low standby power.

By the way, when using 0.5 watts (W) for 24 hours x 30 days, the electricity bill will be about 9.72 yen.

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The story of the successor to PlayStation 4 has finally become more concrete. The announcement of the next-generation PlayStation is near. May 21, 2019, New information on the next-generation machine was released on Sony IR Day.

Information that PS5 will be released, regular model and professional model

Technical writer Yoshiji Nishikawa, who revealed the exact details of Nintendo Switch Lite before the official announcement, said on YouTube (via WinFuture) that PS5 will be a regular model and a professional model. The PS5 Pro price is $ 100 to $ 150 higher than the base model, said without revealing device details.

The PS4 and Pro versions of the PS4 and Pro are on sale, so it’s not strange that the Pro model comes out with the PS5, but it feels like high performance.

“Monster Hunter World: Iceborn” appears on PS4

Since the information of PS5 has settled down a little, I will introduce the featured software of PS4. It ’s “Monster Hunter World: Iceborn” released on 9/6. This is a super-large expansion of “Monster Hunter: World”. Can you play until PS5 comes out with great volume? It is the content. And since PS5 is backward compatible, you should be able to play even if PS5 comes out!

If you have the main part of “Monster Hunter: World”, you can upgrade by purchasing only the super-large expansion content “Monster Hunter World: Iceborn”. If you don’t have one, you can play both works by purchasing a master edition that includes MHW and MHWI. There is also a package version with PS4 / pro itself.

Rakuten Securities predicts the release date of PS5

In response to Sony’s first-quarter earnings, Rakuten Securities forecasts the next game console (PS5) release date in its earnings report.

Rakuten Securities forecasts that the most accurate time is autumn 2020 (September to November 2020).

The PS4 hardware sales volume has already entered a downward phase, and Google’s cloud game service, which is currently regarded as a threat to PS5 “STADIA” will start in the fall of this year, and the service will start in Japan in 2020, so it is expected that it will be released as early as possible in 2020.

If sales are delayed in 2021, profits will decrease due to a decrease in the number of PS4 units sold, and there is a possibility that “STADIA” will have a market at once.

The price of PS5 itself is also forecast, and it is expected to be equal to or higher than 39800 yen for PS4. It is thought that it may be costly to maintain several times the performance and backward compatibility of PS4.

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image credit: Lets go digital

Sony has registered a patent for Sony’s “Mystery” device PS5 development kit?

On August 13, a new device was registered as a Sony electronic device. This patent is registered through the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office), and Sony’s technical director Hirohiro Otori is also listed in the patent as its designer. This is a pretty unusual design, but is this probably PS5?? The V-shaped hollow in the middle does not seem to be the image of PS5’s “V” 5, but it is quite different from the shape of the previous PlayStation. Perhaps it is a PS5 peripheral device or a PS5 development machine design.

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image credit: Lets Go Digital

PS5 details announced at PlayStation Meeting

Although it is still a little later, the “PlayStation Meeting” will be held on February 12, 2020. Sony is reported to announce new details about PS5, including the release date, at PlayStation Meeting.

The announcement of PlayStation 4 was made at the “ PlayStation Meeting ” in 2013 and PS5 was announced even from the timing such as the announcement of thin PlayStation 4 at the “ PlayStation Meeting ” held in New York in 2016 in the United States It is highly possible that.

Is the next-generation PSVR2 a see-through screen? Sony patented

SONY Exhibition at Gamescom in August and Tokyo Game Show in September

Sony Interactive Entertainment is scheduled to exhibit at Gamescom in Cologne in August and Tokyo Game Show in September. On August 1st, a showcase will be held at ChinaJoy. Of particular note is the Tokyo Game Show 2019, which will be held from September 12th to 15th. Perhaps some information on PS5 is expected to be announced.

PS5’s next-generation VR headset “PSVR2” is wireless

As Inverse reported, Sony’s recently filed patent and trademark application contain several PSVR headset details and prototype photos similar to the PS5. It will operate wirelessly with a battery life of up to 5 hours.

The new PSVR2 headset patent states that Sony has a 120Hz refresh rate and a 220-degree viewing angle. And the new PS5 headset is rumored to have a display resolution of 2560 x 1,440. Since the resolution of the current model PSVR is 1920 × 1080, it seems that the resolution will be further increased.

ps5 design ps5 controller ps5 graphics ps5 trailer
image credit: Sony

PS5 is 4K and supports a refresh rate of 120 GHz

In an interview with Jim Ryan, who became Sony’s PlayStation CEO in April, PS5 says that it will support a refresh rate of 120fps at 4K.

The current PS4 and other home video game consoles support up to 60Hz in full HD, so the refresh rate is doubled. Even if you play the same game at 60Hz and 120Hz, the feeling of slimness is completely different. Moreover, it is 120Hz at 4K. Although PS5 is rumored to be more than NVIDIA’s high-end graphic board GTX1080, it is difficult to support 120Hz at 4K without processing power equivalent to GTX1080.

Then, the display size must be 120Hz compatible. Recently, LCD TVs and PC monitors have been compatible with refresh rates of 120Hz or higher at 4K, but they are still expensive. We expect that the price will be reduced by the PS5 release.

ps5 design ps5 controller ps5 graphics ps5 trailer
image credit: Lets Go Digital

Is PS5 the next XBox release date next fall?

According to information from an overseas business insider, the following PlayStation and Xbox consoles are under development and both will be released in the fall of 2020.

And information that the following 10 software is under development on the next PlayStation and Xbox.

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