We’re approaching the end of the year but it’s still tech Tober and one of my favorite phones of this year 2019 was the one plus 7 pro so I guess one plus felt the need to update their lineup right for the holiday season so they did and our newest phone is this the one plus 7t pro.

Now a lot of you guys have been asking me how I feel about this phone it might be the smallest incremental update from phone to phone that I’ve ever seen so if I put these phones right next to each other you might not know which one is which on the left is the One Plus 7 Pro and on the right is a one plus 7 Pro.

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oneplus 7t pro

Difference Between One Plus 7t Pro & One Plus 7t

If you couldn’t tell just by that glance allow me to show you all of the differences. So on the back, we have a slightly new color it’s still blue but instead of nebula blue it’s what they call haze blue you know it’s a little bit lighter honestly. I like it a little bit less it’s a bit fingerprint and it’s also less matte but they at least now.

You know which one is which this is haze blue and you can see the one plus 7t Pro has a laser autofocus cut out next to the camera module which looks like an addition but that may just be a bit of a psychological trick because the 7 Pro already had a laser autofocus module built into the camera module in between the cameras there so this isn’t a new sensor or anything they just moved it to the outside of the module.

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oneplus 7t pro price in usa
image credit: BRG

One Plus 7t Pro Spec

OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition

  • Display 6.67-inch (1440×3120)
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus.
  • Front Camera 16MP.
  • Rear Camera 48MP + 16MP + 8MP.
  • RAM 12GB.
  • Storage 256GB.
  • Battery Capacity 4085mAh.
  • OS Android 10.

Now it looks like a new one than on the inside you’re looking at snapdragon 855 8 gigabytes of ram and 256 as the only speck so there’s no 12 gig option in the regular one plus 7t Pro anymore but the new processor is a little bump and then the battery situation technically also got an upgrade.

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You’re now looking at a very slightly larger 4000 85 milliamp-hour battery and that’s coming from the four thousand milliamp-hour battery. we already had in the one plus 7 pro do we even count this as an upgrade. Technically yeah I mean it’s not smaller so I guess we should be very happy about that but yeah slightly just very slightly larger sure the real upgrade here is the slightly faster warp charge 30 T and package that’s the same size so the charger comes in the box it supports 23% faster charging because of the new battery.

Macro Mode Camera

It’s already an extremely fast charger I do appreciate that cameras I’d say same triple cameras. I believe the exact same three sensors but with they added macro mode which is a hardware adjustment they added a little motor to the main camera that lets you get super close for minimum focus distance.

image credit: Deccan

In a macro mode same thing we saw on the 7T it’s pretty cool lets you get super close to subjects if you’re into macro photography on your phone and that’s it.

Display & Storage

That’s all for the one plus 7t pro. All other specs same like one plus 7 pro same 6.7 inches 1440p 90-hertz OLED notch list display one my favorites of the year same pop-up camera mechanism to achieve that Nautilus design same super-fast ufs 3.0 storage.These are all pretty much things I loved about that one plus 7 pro the thing I dislike the most was the curved edges on the screen. but I’m not shocked that they didn’t change that yet.

Things to Update

I’ll hold out hope for the next version so there are no all-new cameras to bring it up to compete with the pixel there’s no 5g version there’s no wireless charging there are no major features added to the one plus 7T Pro.

One Plus 7T Pro McLaren Edition

It’s just basically a little bit of a tweak to their already great phone to bring it up to the end of 2019. I get it so that’s this is the latest and greatest if you already have their latest phone obviously you don’t have to upgrade.

But this is their greatest available option but of course, we can’t forget to include the McLaren Edition.

They also introduced next to it so this is the one plus 7T Pro McLaren Edition. A pretty long name with a bit of a different design for a hundred extra bucks.

This is going to be your dramatic dark forged carbon fiber looking design and papaya orange accents that McLaren is famous for.

I think it looks pretty badass but it’s also a huge fingerprint magnet with this glossy finish. kind of wish it was sort of a hybrid of like a frosted glass version of this may be a little more matte to get this crazy carbon fiber look to through.

one plus 7t pro
image credit: one-plus

But not attract fingerprints but just the way it is. it really catches the light a certain way and you can see more and more of the carbon pattern under the glass very cool. I think people who appreciate supercars will really appreciate this one.

The McLaren Edition is available with 12 gigs of RAM so that is the only spec difference. if you’re looking for a reason. The McLaren Edition to be faster which they’ve done in the past. That’s the only thing 12 gigs of ram on the McLaren Edition 8 gigs of RAM on the regular phone that’s it.

Smallest Upgrade

Now we have our hands on it and like I said maybe the smallest upgrade I’ve ever seen. A phone which I guess makes sense with the t version that came out just eight months ago.

The point is it’s a slight upgrade from what was already the fastest phone.This is my favorites Phone. So you know a little tweak here and there. They just increase the lead a little bit on one of the best smartphone experiences of 2019. For me with this new one.

Not in North America

The strangest thing about this phone might be their decision not to bring it to North America.They’re not selling it in the US they’re not continuing their push with higher-priced phones.this is an expensive market putting in carrier stores.

So I guess I’m not mad you know I already have a One plus 7 Pro. It’s in the U.S it’s basically the same thing and I can live without the slightly faster charging. The new chip and macro mode I guess I’ll live with that.

I guess basically one plus wanted to have something available right around October. October for the holiday season they got it out you can get it in certain markets. if you don’t you can get a one plus 7 Pro


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