After Apple’s presentation, Amazon followed Microsoft with busy autumn in the gadget busy season. Let’s take a look at the iPad review 2019 of the new iPad that was announced this year at this time when we are moving to a new one.

Now, if you want an iPad 2019 with a low budget, you can choose the 10.2-inch model, which is the seventh generation. A very advantageous terminal! Nonetheless, Apple isn’t doing charity, so it’s a spec that’s worth the price. The $ 500 price difference from the 11-inch iPad Pro is still reflected on the device. That’s natural. Still, the new iPad 2019 is better than the previous model. Is n’t it enough?

New iPad Review 2019
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What is this? : Now the cheapest iPad 2019

Price: From $ 330

Favorite place: good, cheap, usable

I do n’t like it: the parts are old

First, the display is larger than the previous model. Added support for Smart Connector. RAM is 3GB. You can simply think of it as a terminal with a slight update to the previous model, which was pretty good.

New iPad. 7th generation iPad. Entry-level basic Ki iPad. First, it’s a great item for schools and other educational institutions, including the $ 300 price. Apple Pencil supports so you can add it for $ 100. Thanks to Sidecar, a new feature of macOS Catalina, it is also a nice specification to use as an auxiliary screen for MacBook. But this isn’t limited to the new iPad. If so, the new iPad is not so new.

Specifications and updated points

First, A10 Fusion is the chip on the new iPad. This is the chip that came with the iPhone 7 in 2016 and is the same as the previous iPad model. Of course, the new generation chip of Apple with Neural Engine which is the basis of Face ID was not installed, because A10 is cheaper. Yes, the new iPad has no Face ID. Of course, A10 is not a bad story, it is also installed on iPod touch and Apple TV, and it is a sufficient chip for many people. However, I just wanted to say that the chip remains the previous model. In the same way as the previous model, the battery is the same. The display is bigger, but the battery life is the same as the previous model of 9.7 inches in 10 hours.

Well, what’s new is that the big thing other than the screen is that RAM has been increased from 2GB to 3GB and Smart Connector is supported. Smart Connector isn’t a fuss depending on how much a third-party accessory can handle, although people who often use an external keyboard will appreciate it.

Would n’t you need a new iPad? If you buy an iPad, isn’t it good because it is the previous model? Some people may think. I understand that feeling. Whether it is the previous model or this year’s model is the user’s usage.

apple ipad 7th generation release date
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iPad Review 2019

First of all, Smart Connector exists. This is a touch for those who use iPads as laptops. In iPad review 2019 addition to an external keyboard, iPad OS has new mouse support and multitasking, so the new iPad is much more laptop-like than the previous model. On the other hand, the appeal of the new iPad will be weaker for those who use the iPad as a tablet. There is no dramatic change if the screen is a little bigger. Although the RAM is up, honestly, when I played the Apple Arcade game with both the previous model and the new model, I did not feel any difference. The battery and processor are the same.

To be honest, this year is a year when the appeal of the iPadOS update is greater than the hardware. Rather, I thought it would have been fine if I didn’t have an iPad this year, but since Apple didn’t tell the media that it was skipping hardware updates, it was a bit new. That way of thinking can be done.

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Great value compared to iPad Pro

In the first place, the talk about whether it is a new model or a previous model is nonsense. Because you ca n’t go to the Apple Store and have both devices in front of you. The previous model is no longer available at the Apple Store (available at Apple retailers). In other words, while talking about the new or previous 7th generation, speaking of iPad now, there is only one iPad. Only 10.2 inches released in 2019. So, the very beginning of the sentence! Return to the impression.

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The iPad that fits the most people in the current iPad series and is the cheapest terminal in the current series. If you want to enjoy Apple’s latest technology, you can use the higher-end iPad Pro. You can use Pro with A12X Bionic chip, Face ID, Lucid Retina display and Apple Pencil 2.0 support. However, it is $ 800 (11 inches,). If you actually use it, you can feel the difference of $ 500. I use Pro, but honestly, it’s $ 500 plus! I do n’t think so. So, what I want to say as a review is that the iPad is a great deal after all! That means. Thank you for upgrading Face ID and the processor, but doing so will increase the price. If so, this is fine. Everything an iPad can do. cheap. So, the iPad is a great deal. If you still want greed, you just wanted a little change in appearance design. ipad review 2019

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