The company presented a number of new Surface units during its Microsoft October 2019 Event. Many of these devices were leaked even before the official announcement and as expected, Microsoft launched a series of new Microsoft Surface devices.

Microsoft also offered some surprises, like the Surface Neo – a dual-screen device that can prove to be revolutionary. We also got to see the Microsoft Surface Duo, which is another Microsoft-made mobile.

Many of these devices will be available to buy this winter, but Microsoft also revealed some other, slightly more secret projects that will take a little longer. In this article, we have gathered information about all the new units.

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Surface Laptop 3

Surface Laptop 3 Specs

The first one presented was the Surface Laptop 3, the latest generation of Microsoft’s hugely popular Surface Laptop. This traditional form factor PC is available in sizes 13 and 15 inches and uses the latest hardware from both Intel and AMD.

The 13-inch Surface Laptop 3 uses 10th-generation quad-core Intel processors, just as expected.

In contrast, the 15-inch Surface Laptop uses a custom AMD Ryzen 7 processor, which Microsoft calls “Ryzen 7 Surface Edition”. This processor is used in conjunction with AMD Vega graphics, which should apparently be enough to provide the fastest graphics performance in its class.

What maybe even more important for some users is the changes made to the chassis. USB-C is finally available on Surface Laptop 3, although the Surface Connect input is still present. With a new aluminum finish, the Surface Laptop 3 is also really nice.

The absolute best? The top of the laptop can be removed, so the laptop can be repaired easily. However, Microsoft was very clear that this is only something that can be done by professionals.

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Surface Laptop 3 Release Date

Surface Laptop 3 is available to pre-order right now and will be released on October 22. The 13 inches Surface Laptop 3 Price is starting from 1304$.

image credit: Microsoft

Surface Pro 7

Surface Pro 7 Specs

Of course, we also got to see a new Surface Pro. We didn’t get as much information about this device, but we do know that it finally has USB-C, even though the slightly annoying Surface Connect input is still left.

Surface Pro 7 also offers some other improvements. Using the Surface Pen, for example, you can edit the text in Microsoft Word and so-called Studio microphones make Surface Pro 7 better for voice commands.

That’s basically all we know right now, but we expect to hear more about what hardware is hiding under the shell relatively soon and we will update you as soon as we hear more.

Surface Pro 7 Released Date| Surface Pro 7 Price

You can already pre-order Surface Pro 7 and it will be released in-store on October 22. It has a starting price of $ 749.

image credit: Microsoft

Surface Earbuds

It feels like all tech companies are releasing their own smart earbuds right now and Microsoft doesn’t want to be any different – Surface Earbuds is here.

Surface Earbuds Specs

These genuine wireless earbuds have what Microsoft calls “Omnisonic” sound and are sold along with a charging case. Unlike the weird Bluetooth problems on Windows 10, these Surface Buds will have One-Click pairing.

Because this is a talk about a Microsoft device, these earbuds will have some unique features such as Office 365 integration and can translate PowerPoint presentations in over 60 different languages. You also don’t have to worry about running out of battery as they have 24 hours of battery life.

You can use Surface Earbuds even if you do not have a Windows 10 device, as they are also compatible with Android, where you can use gesture controls and launch some music apps.

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Surface Earbuds Release Date| Price

Surface Earbuds will be released during the winter and will have a starting price of $ 249.


Surface Pro X

Now over to something completely different: Surface Pro X. This is one of the thinnest products Microsoft manufactures. It is only 5.3 mm thin, which makes this unit extremely portable.

Surface Pro X Specs

This is no coincidence. It is a device that is designed as a hive that you can always carry with you. This is possible thanks to the new MSFT SQ1 processor with ARM technology, which means that the unit has built-in LTE support and only draws 7 W. We do not know exactly how long the battery life is talking about, but given that the processor is so power-efficient, the battery life should be quite impressive.

The unit also has a really nice design. It features the classic Microsoft Surface design and an edge-to-edge PixelSense display that comes with an impressive resolution of 2,880 x 1,920, along with a contrast ratio of 1,400: 1.

Surface Pro X has Full Windows 10 support and is therefore not left on Windows 10 S, like many other ARM-based Windows devices. This means that you can carry around the device without having to worry about WiFi connections and will not be locked by the operating system either.

Microsoft also introduced a new Surface Slim Pen, which should be a much better companion for a device like Surface Pro X. You can attach the pen just below the screen of the new Type Cover. There it will be constantly charged, so you never have to worry about how much battery your Surface Pen has left.

The new Surface Pro X has 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, which is fantastic news for all creative users who are out on the run often. Adobe even came up on stage during the presentation to showcase what the device is capable of, while also presenting the new Adobe Fresco app – a new program for drawing and painting. This app tries to recreate the feeling of painting with paint and with specific brushes and pencils.

Surface Pro X Price and Release Date

The unit is available for pre-order now and will be released to stores on November 5. It costs $ 999.

image credit: Microsoft

Surface Neo

Microsoft also introduced Surface Neo, but it’s not going to be available in the first place. This device will not be available until Christmas 2020, but Microsoft decided to show some pictures and videos already now. Microsoft believes that with this product they can “put an end to the conflict between laptops and tablets”. Microsoft believes this is a completely “new product”, which will create the “next category”.

Surface Neo Specs

This Device has a dual-screen.  It will be able to stretch images between the two screens and is only 5.6 mm thin on both sides. It weighs only 655 grams, is protected by Gorilla Ice Cream and will be released with a magnetically attached pen – a dream for all artists out on the go.

If you need a keyboard instead, it is also available on Neo. This can be found attached to the back using magnets and as you spin it to the front, the top of the screen will be transformed into a so-called Wonder Bar. The second screen is similar to the Asus ZenBook Pro Duo, as it offers a variety of tools to help one with the work.

Microsoft Surface Neo will use Windows 10 X, a new version of the dual-screen operating system. Microsoft hopes that Windows 10 will be the foundation of a new era of productivity and creativity. You also don’t have to worry about apps you depend on won’t work, as Windows 10 X will support all Windows 10 apps.

As for what’s hiding under the hood, Microsoft was (understandably) a bit vague. All we know is that it will have a custom Intel Lakefield processor. This processor will have 11th generation Intel graphics and since Intel has managed to halve the size of the silicon, the PCB is also half the size. This is probably a large part of the reason why the unit is so small.

Surface Neo Release Date

Since it will be a year before Surface Neo comes out and the fact that it is so innovative, it is difficult to tip a price, but we assume it will not be a cheap product. We expect Microsoft to reveal a little more about the device around Christmas next year.


Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft surface duo specs

This is a two-screen mobile, which differs from the flexible screens we find on, for example, the Samsung Galaxy Fold. You get dual screens of 5.6 inches on both sides of the unit, which means large screen areas.

Microsoft has also partnered with Google to support Android on the Microsoft Surface Duo. This means that this device will support all Android apps.

Microsoft surface duo release date

If you want to order a Microsoft Surface Duo, you will have to wait until Christmas 2020.

image credit: Microsoft
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