Enter it into the calendar: Black Friday 2019 is Friday, November 29.

Then Black Friday is back. Dealers around the country are already in the process of looking for the bargains for the big sale, and perhaps they are also putting a little aside for Cyber   Monday – just to keep the ball rolling.

However, that does not necessarily mean that the sale will only start on Friday, November 29, (which you may have guessed is Black Friday) as some retailers like to start off a bit.

Starting a little earlier can take some of the pressure off the web so that the many thousands of sales hungry customers do not go to the same websites at the same time. This also means that you do not overload GLS, Post Nord and the other companies that make sure the offers are presented.

In other words, this means that we can probably look forward to not just Black Friday offers, but a whole month of sales, which will also go into December this year.

Black Friday was a huge success in 2018. According to the Danish Business Association, Dankort recorded record sales of DKK 2.11 billion, which made the day the biggest shopping day ever back home.

We expect this year to come with some really great deals on PS4, Nintendo and probably some super cheap Apple Watches.

As for dealers, we guess that CDON will be able to match Dustin’s offerings this year as well, but Komplett should also be able to offer some good deals.

The question then is whether the Jews are getting more involved this year, as opposed to last year when the Copenhageners were by far the most eager on Black Friday 2019.

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When is Black Friday 2019? And what is it?

Black Friday 2019 is the Friday following the American Thanksgiving holiday when Americans traditionally began their sales season. The dealers opened ballet with a wide range of wild deals to open the doors for the upcoming big sale.

The date changes every year, but the day is called the same: it is always the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is always the last Thursday in November.

The official Black Friday date is this year, November 29, which means we’re close to Christmas, which in turn means there’s less time to shop online.

This may not mean much immediately, but you have to think that time should be spent on both finding the good deals – AND the delivery time.

As we’ve written before, the Black Friday weekend is not just a couple of days off. The pattern of the offers is also different. Some offers come at midnight, others in the morning – so, on the whole, it’s about being as flexible at the computer as possible if you want to take part in the best deals.

Where does Black Friday originate from?

The first time we heard about Black Friday in connection with sales was in November 1951, when the journal Factory Management and Maintenance used the term to describe the phenomenon that many people signed up for after Thanksgiving so you could have an extra day off.

Around the same time, US police used the term “Black Friday” to describe the huge traffic problems that arose before Christmas when people started shopping for Christmas. In 1961, local authorities around the United States tried to change the name to “Big Friday” and “Big Saturday”, but never managed to get rid of “Black Friday 2019“.

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Black Friday Deals: when will they come?

There is a difference between when dealers like Power, Elgiganten, CDON, and Komplett start sending their offers online. For some it happens a few days before Black Friday itself, others wait until the last minute.

That means Black Friday 2019 is much more than just four shopping days. It’s probably up to a whole month where you can find bargains if you know where to shop.

If you are quick on the keys, there is good money to save – not least on Christmas gifts.

When to get the best Black Friday 2019 deals?

One of the things we have noticed over the last couple of years is that the various offers change continuously throughout the month up to Black Friday. The best deals – usually on more expensive products – are usually late November.

That’s because many are hoping to bundle the offers. The companies hope that when you see a good deal and save a lot of money, you are also more likely to spend money on accessories.



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