Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 2

Each year Laptops are one of the most well-represented categories in our back-to-school gear guide and for good reason with the exception of the relative few who prefer desktops for almost every other student setting foot on campus this fall and notebook is going to be one of the most important tools at their disposal and its no minor purchase either with our favorite ultraportables costing north of a thousand dollars and even a decent budget model setting you back at least 500 and once you do make the investment it’s something you’re not likely to replace for 3 4 or who knows how many years for the purposes of this guide we are gonna focus on what Engadget considers to be the best Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 2

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 2 is the best our philosophy is a laptop is one of the most critical pieces of gear a student needs and it’s worth investing in build quality performance and battery life that will stand the test of time oh and don’t worry we have lots of picks for gaming laptops specifically you’re gonna want to check out the gaming section of our back-to-school guide just for that right now we’re just thinking about the best all-around laptops the best for most people in most use cases so without further ado here’s what we would buy if we were spending our own money

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 2

 Looking at the online store it is no secret who the surface laptop 2 is for hint Microsoft compares its ultra-portable to the MacBook Air no less than four times on its product page indeed if you were looking for something similarly thin and light that runs Windows the thirteen and a half inch surface laptop

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Review

Weighs just about the same as the air and is slimmer – as Microsoft is quick to point out it also offers a quad-core CPU option which isn’t available on the air and the battery life was even longer in our tests nearly 16 hours of video playback all told factor in a comfortable keyboard responsive trackpad and stylish not at all Mac-like design and we were hard-pressed to name any shortcomings in our review if anything we said we would have liked to see two USB ports and not just one Microsoft’s proprietary charging plug also disconnects a little too easily


Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Price

When the Machine launched it started at $999 which is already cheaper than the MacBook Air mind but price is down to 899 with a $300 price cut on every other configuration speaking of the air it was a tough call but when it came down to deciding which Mac to recommend for our laptop guide we went with the 13-inch MacBook Pro over the air with a starting price of twelve hundred ninety-nine dollars.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro is only two hundred dollars more than the 13-inch air they share a lot of the same DNA including keyboard design screen resolution and port selection for the record there that is two USB C sockets but the entry-level pro will get you faster performance with a quad-core CPU and a screen with a wider color range that’s it you can’t go wrong with the air either which is a quarter-pound lighter and has the same touch ID fingerprint sensor now included across the board on the proline however it is stuck with only a dual-core CPU and it retains the physical function keys instead of the touch bar which some people might actually prefer you have a hard choice between two very capable machines.

We imagine most people will decide the performance boost of MacBook Pro brings more practical value than the air. but wait we still have a few more Windows machines for your consideration now it’s rare we throw around the word perfect but that’s precisely how we describe.

Dells XPS 13 Ultrabook

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Review

which earned an unusually high score of 93 in our review earlier this year the notebook which starts at nine hundred dollars has topped best-of lists since it first came out four years ago and it stayed current with fast performance than twelve and a half hour battery and standard-issue Dolby vision HD our screen and for those who have been reading our reviews all these years Dell finally heated our feedback and move the webcam up to where it belongs above.


Extra Info:

The screen that’s right no more awkward under-screen mounted camera to catch you from the least flattering angle imaginable with so many of our boxes checked off we’re left with just a couple nitpicks including the lack of a full-sized SD card reader the fact that some competing machines now offer more powerful discreet graphics can’t have everything I guess we know we’ve just recommended the standard XPS 13 But the two-in-one variant is also stellar and different enough from the traditional clamshell version that we felt it deserved it’s very own mention simply but if the XPS 13 is our favorite Windows laptop.

Dell XPS 13 Specs

XPS 13 2 and one is our favorite Windows convertible we like it for many of the same reasons we like the regular XPS 13 including the HDR display and better-placed webcam but we also appreciate its taller sixteen by ten thirteen point four-inch screen large keys and premium design which features more metal elements than the regular XPS 13.

Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Price

It is slightly more expensive than the XPS 13 with a starting price of $1,000 compared with 900 for the regular 13 lastly.

Asus Zenbook s 13

again we have an entire section in our back-to-school guide for gaming laptops plus a couple of pics on our desktop list, but we are calling out the Asus Zenbook s 13.

Here because it doubles as both a gaming laptop mainstream ultra-portable notebook you can use for everything else inside these systems lightweight two-and-a-half pound frame is a discrete Nvidia MX 150 GPU.

asus zenbook s13 price

Thirteen point nine-inch screens with a battery large enough to last 12 and a half hours in our standard video playback. test if you’re shopping here in the US, you’ve got one basic configuration a core i7 processor with 8 gigabytes of memory and a 512 gigabyte SSD that’ll cost you $1,299 but there’s also a variant with 16 gigs of ram for $13.99 in addition to the s 13 S performance chops.

were also fans of its comfortable keyboard smooth trackpad. relatively fall port selection which includes two USB C sockets and one full-size USB connection Sherratt.we have a couple of quibbles the fingerprint sensor is oddly placed and the webcam could be better but if you’re looking for an ultra-portable you can also use for some gaming look no further.


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