One for your face, one for your hand

At the Amazon product event, the manufacturer of the same name launched a shipload of new, smart products. You will carry two of them with you 24/7 and come out of the box with the personal assistant Alexa.

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Although the new Echo Buds have to compete with the Apple AirPods, Amazon has also presented enough other beautiful things last night. The company has launched an ambitious wearable called Amazon Loop, and smart glasses that will go through life as Amazon Frame.

amazon echo frames
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Echo Loop is Alexa for your fingers

The Echo Loop is Amazon’s smart ring. It has a titanium frame with two microphones, a small speaker, and a piezo vibration motor to generate vibrations.

Given the hardware on the inside, Amazon wants to turn the Echo Loop into a powerful device that is not just an extension of personal assistant Alexa. A small button on the bottom of the Echo Loop activates the device, allowing the interaction with Alexa. You can also use it for phone calls and to display notifications that have arrived on your smartphone. The ring fully charges in 90 minutes and has to last one full day.

It all sounds logical and pleasant, but it is a Day One product. This means that you can expect teething problems here and there. During the official presentation, the ring sometimes even failed. A little embarrassing.

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The Echo Loop costs $ 129 in the United States. It is not yet known if and when the smart ring might come to Europe. The price of $ 129 is incidentally an exclusive price for testers. Perhaps the improved ring, which is very likely to come, will become more expensive.

These two products are part of Amazon’s Day One Edition program, which deals with new, ambitious products and they want to get them on the market as quickly as possible. The devices are exclusively available for consumers who have received an invitation from the company itself. Amazon will actively request feedback for these products. As a result, the dividing line between customer and tester is blurred.

amazon echo frames release date

Echo Frames places Alexa in glasses

The Echo Frames, Amazon’s first smart glasses, have the same basis: once again there is a speaker and a microphone through which you can interact with Alexa.

The smart glasses can also play podcasts, report phone notifications and more thanks to the mini speaker. A pressure-sensitive section on the side frame can activate the glasses.

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The Amazon Echo Frames weighs 31 grams and you can put your own lenses in it. During the initial period, this costs $ 179, but again nothing is known about a European price or release.

The good/bad news? Although this is a ‘smart pair of glasses’, there are no cameras available to capture everything. This is the case with, for example, the Google Glass.



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